Mount Brinchang Barat

Mount Brinchang Barat is the second highest mountain in the Cameron Highlands after Gunung Irau. This mountain attracts less tourist and visitors due to its inaccessibility. Altitude at 2005m above sea level, Brinchang Barat trail has the magnificent & pristine scenic view of moss gardens, highlands orchid & pitcher plant draped in this lush rain forest grounds.

This makes Mount Brinchang a popular viewpoint for visitors to admire the scenery and landscapes of Cameron Highlands. The fabled Mossy Forest also grows near the highest elevation point, with a boardwalk to explore this fascinating biotope.

The access road begins at a left turning along the main road (from Kea Farm), immediately after Butterfly Garden. Next, follow the road for 2km until you reach the Sungai Palas junction. Turn left (right goes to the Sungai Palas tea estate) and you will soon be on a narrow road that oscillates between rough tarmac and concrete for 7 km, passing through random intervals of verdant rain forest and vegetable farms.

After covering this distance, the route steeply ascends steeply before reaching a ridgetop for the last 3km, culminating at the peak where a series of telecommunication towers perch. The watchtower nearby can be climbed for a magnificent view of Cameron Highlands and beyond – looking at all directions including Perak and Pahang states.

Alternatively, visitors can also hike up Gunung Brinchang through a jungle trail that starts near Brinchang town. The detour begins at left along the main road after the police station, leading to a gravel track that reaches a small settlement (actually an army quarters). Look for a signboard that indicates the start of jungle walk No 1; enter the forest, and you’ll soon be on the 3km trail that leads up to the peak.

The hike is actually quite easy for moderately fit people and the trail marked by ribbons and red markings on trees. If the trail seems to end abruptly, look carefully behind you – some junctions may be obscured by dense foliage, or happens to break into a near vertical climb across tree trunks that makes it hard to notice.