Setinggi Waterfalls

Serendah Waterfall is a small waterfall near Serendah Town. Many enjoys bringing their families for a picnic at this Recreational Park. But not many knows that there’s another waterfall in the same region. The Setinggi Waterfall is located not too far from the Serendah Falls.

The small pool at the base was ideal for cooling off after 90 minutes of easy walking.Continuing up the trail for a further five minutes got me to the upper falls.The pristine pool created by the dam upstream.

It was easily a good 10 meter above the base and had a lovely view of the water spilling over the edge as it tumbled downwards.

At the upper portion of the falls, the river appears to have been dammed many years ago, allowing a steady stream of fresh water to feed into the pristine clear pool below.

In the tranquil surroundings, I could not resist immersing myself in the pool and be soothed by the gentle sound of flowing water.

My peaceful reflections were interrupted by inquisitive fish nibbling at my legs.

After having my fill of the unexpected fish spa, I headed down to join the rest of the group.The return trek was uneventful and quickly accomplished in one-and-a-half hours.

Having been lulled into a sense of well-being, I did not check my feet at regular intervals and back at the trailhead, I found two leech bites on my left foot, with the culprit still in sight when I had a closer look at my blood-stained sock.

Setinggi Falls makes an ideal Sunday outing as it is not a difficult hike.