Batu Chondong Hill

Bukit Batu Chondong, Jalan Taman Zooview, Kampung Kemensah, Ampang Jaya.

The trailhead is just beside the road, near the mountain bike (MTB) centre. As it is a narrow, windy road, be careful to park at a spot that would not obstruct traffic.

The adventure to this obscure Tabur cousin starts with an uphill climb following a chain link fence on the left. Heads low, one has to ducked his/her way through a dense bamboo grove.

A signpost pointed the way to the peak (straight ahead) or to the Batu Asah waterfall on the left.

Stay on target and soon encountered the first obstacle, a narrow climb between two boulders, along the edge of the drop. The path turned inwards with more rocky surfaces. Rounding a final corner, will be confronted by a 5m rock wall.

On the far right, a tree with thick trailing roots appeared to be the ticket to the peak. Using the ropes and roots, climbed up, squeezing into the tiny space between the tree and rock, before hoisting ourselves up over the rock onto the narrow ledge.

At the top, there is a extended peak on a nearby outcrop. Getting there required scrambling up and down more rocks to reach the 260m viewpoint. The skeletal trees on this small, uneven, rocky mound made a stark contrast against the green backdrop of forest and prominent quartz ridge.

Spotting another peak along the ridge on the opposite side, made another five-minute detour and were rewarded with yet another view of the Titiwangsa range.

The return journey is quick, with rocky portions which can be cleared easily.

Batu Chondong Hill is a short but interesting hike with challenging obstacles. A hike to the summit takes 20 to 30 minutes. Set aside at least one hour for a round trip to explore all the peaks along the ridge.