Saga Hill

Bukit Saga is located in Ampang/Cheras district of Kuala Lumpur, Selangor. The summit has great facilities like a swing playground, exercise corner, hammocks to lie down, shelter to rest and relax and a changing room for the ladies. 

The trail head is at the old entrance (T-junction of Jalan Saga 22 and Jalan Saga 28) has been block by banner and cones. Facing the old entrance, walk on your right along the road for around 100m to reach a small stairs. Go up the stairs and turn left.

You will pass by a notice board on the left and a small waterfall on the right. Continue going up and keep right at the trail diversion. At check point 1–a resting point with tables and chairs (approximately 500 meters from the trail head), the trail diverts to the left and right. The trail on the left of the hut (Route C) is the slightly longer but less steep. The trail on the right of the hut (Route A) is a shorter, but steeper climb. Both routes will merge nearing the summit.

For route A, the hiking distance is approximately 500-600m of consistence up slopes. A resting point marks approximately the halfway point of route A. The trail is well marked with additional ropes for steeper sections. There is a small rocky section which can be bypass by going around it.

Route C is slightly longer with an estimated 1 km hiking distance. You will pass by a resting hut (check point 2) and an abandon Beirut before coming to a split junction. The left trail will bring you towards Bukit Saga waterfall and the right trail will lead you to the summit. From here, it is approximately 300 to 400m to the summit on mainly flat ground.