Ulu Tamu Falls

From Batang Kali you can reach the Genting Highlands, passing on your way the Kedondong falls. A side road leads to the Ulu Rening and Ulu Tamu regions, where also waterfalls can be found.

From Batang Kali you follow the signs to the Hot Springs of Ulu Tamu. Keep them to your right and follow the road until it ends at a river, crossable when you have a 4WD vehicle. Otherwise you have to park your car here.

From here you start trekking, passing orchards and crossing a second river until you reach the Pahlawan Eco Resort. Can be crowded with 4WD vehicle people during weekends. After the resort you enter the jungle. There are quite a few trails, which can make orientation a bit difficult.

After a while you will reach a split in the trail, the left trail leads to the first fall, Jeram Antu. To reach the upper fall you must either trek back to the junction and take the right fork, or you can river trek

The second fall, Jeram Enchau, is a nice one, in two steps, and with a big pool. After this fall you can continue to the upper fall, but there is not really a trail anymore.