Mount Gap & Ulu Semangkok

Ulu Semangkok is situated just to the south of the Semangkok Pass and forms the highest peak in the vicinity.

Ulu Semangkok therefore is an apt name for the mountain as Ulu means river head in Malay, and Ulu Semangkok is exactly the highest mountain at the head of the Semangkok river.

The trail head to Ulu Semangkok starts at the Gap, just before the Gap Resthouse. If one is driving up from KKB, you’ll encounter a line of abandoned shops on the left kerb of the road just before the rest house.

The trail head is immediately after the shops, on the opposite side of the road.  The initial part is full of bamboo and thorny plants but soon becomes a distinct but still rather steep path. 

The trail simply goes along the crest until we reach a peak called Gunung Gap.  There’s a stone there marking the peak.
From there, we can go further on to the true peak in the vicinity – Gunung Ulu Semangkok.  The trail first leads down to a saddle before it starts going up again.  

The climate at the top of Ulu Semangkok is windy and cold.  It’s difficult to stay still for long without getting chilled.  There is a view point near the peak that affords very good views of the mountains to the north, including Frasers Hill, Pine Tree Hill and Gunung Semangkok far away.