Lata Lepoh

Lepoh Waterfall is a relatively small waterfall, but the cascades and the rock formation that it runs over make it a fairly attractive one. The waterfall is located in the jungles of Ulu Langat, and lies just 3 kilometers to the west-southwest of the summit of Nuang.

The hike itself is fairly easy, and it follows the north cardinal axis almost the entire way, taking approximately two hours each way to complete. Once Asli Adventure Camp is passed on the left, the trail to the Lepoh Waterfall begins straight ahead. You will have to cross the river almost immediately after the trail swerves right, and hop from stone to stone to keep your shoes dry, just before arriving at the first junction.

Approximately 1.4 kilometres in, the trail will abruptly widen out into a grassy clearing filled with rubber trees (Hevea brasiliensis), before passing a wooden hut shortly after. The trail leads to a fork two kilometres in where you should be able to hear the rustling of the river down to your left, and it doesn’t seem to make a difference which one of the two branches of the fork you take as they seem to converge once again after a while.

The trail begins to climb around 2.7 kilometres in, approximately 15 to 20 minutes after you first encounter the pipes. Large roots of trees criss-cross the trail here, leaving natural steps that assist hikers with their ascent. After about 400 meters of climbing, the trail tapers out onto a ridge that follows the contour lines for a few hundred meters, with the roar of the river clearly audible down to the left. An abandoned structure will appear two hundred meters before the waterfall, a sign that the waterfall lies just around the corner!

There is a little trail on the right side of the riverbanks that leads up to the main waterfall and the natural slide, as it is very tricky to ascend the waterfall directly up the rocks from the main pool.