Lata Seminyang

This waterfall is in the Karak area. This is an area where orchard owners who spend a large part of their lives in the hills.

To reach the fall, proceed to Telemong Village in Karak District, just before reaching the destination, the road crosses a river named Perdak. Right after the bridge, there is a turning to the right. A laterite track that will take you to the fall. This track was made for the Mini Hydro Power station and its employees utilize the track to commute to work.

The first landmark after the forested area along the track will be an Orang Asli settlement. Go beyond the settlement and the next sight will be that of an abandoned timber storage yard.

Then comes a second yard, the road starts to go uphill. Broken by the rainwater.

Within this spot, the sound of water rushing through the rocks is very significant as it is a stretch of rapids. In the past, the water and the area before the Power Station was so beautiful that it was a regular picnic area with pools close to 2 meter deep.

The loggers had destroyed the landing area and the place was deserted.

From the Station you still have another 3 kilometer of hike with 4 short climbs interspersed with level stretches. A small path turns off to the right to reach into the ravine where the rapids are dammed.

Choose the main track on your left and hike uphill. Very soon, at a point where the track is seen really leading uphill continuously, look for a trail on the right. This is a visible path on level ground heading right towards the direction of the river that cannot be seen or heard. If you study this place carefully, you are in a basin. The river is flowing normally and the terrain is flat.

Wade into the river to circumvent the boulder and then proceed on the riverbank. The fall from this point is only 300 meter away. The spray in this area is very dense.