Lata Medang

Lata Medang Waterfall is located at Kampung Pertak, Kuala Kubu Bharu (a small village in Selangor). There are mostly orang asli staying over there. From GPS, you can search for JKOA Kg Pertak, which it will bring you to the village. When you reach the village junction, please take the right side as there is only one way to go in. Drive all the way till you see a pondok with a few of orang asli. They will be collecting RM 1 per headcount as fund to manage the hill.

Lata Medang Waterfall – 2 hours hike from starting point to the peak of the waterfall point. Pretty easy trail as you can see above and also along the way, you will get to see a lot of plants, trees, bamboo and nice scenic view

Some of the nice scenery, you cannot feel it from the photo. Experience it by yourselves on the spot.

Total hike could take you 4 hours. Plus the time you spend in the waterfall, probably will take half of your day.

Since it’s pretty easy trails, you may not require to carry a lot stuff with you. But in your bagpack, you should have at least 1.5L water, First aid, dry food, 100 plus, packed lunch.