Lata Makau

Lata Makau is situated at Kampung Pertak, Kuala Kubu Bahru, Selangor. It is a relatively unspoilt and the trail to Lata Makau is not hiked much.

It is 2 to 3 hour hike from the carpark, the route to Lata Makau (also known as Lata Sungai Luit) shares trails with Bukit Kutu and Lata Medang.

It starts across 2 iron bridges separated by a dirt track wide enough to be used by 4 wheel vehicles. Though the second bridge is broken, it can still be crossed, but those who don’t mind getting their feet wet can wade across the shallows to the other side.

Passing through a mix of rubber plantations and forest, both paths come together just before the first of 3 important  junctions: left to Lata Makau and Lata Medang , right to Bukit Kutu; the general rule to get to Lata Makau is always hang left.

Lata Makau is a single raging plume of water that drops from a hollowed out cavern of hard rock into a  large emerald pool. Surrounded by a rocky shore, teetered across the unforgiving, stones to get to its sandy bottomed middle. 

The water was refreshing after the long hike, its colour growing darker the closer it drews to the falls, hinting at how deep it is. .