Black Mountain

Located in Hulu Langat not far from the turn off to Gabai Waterfall, the hike up Gunung Hitam is akin to a condensed version of a hike up Nuang. Shorter by 5km, it must be steeper too, because what it lacks in distance it makes up for in calf-shredding inclines.

Black water pipes followed us as we wound our way past houses and a rubber plantation, the sound of burbling water growing louder until 20 minutes on we crossed a bridge over the gentle cascades of upper Sungai Lui.

The trailhead lies to the left (to the right is a home). Narrowing down to a single track, it passes over a rickety wooden footbridge, and after a stream crossing, takes us through a towering forest of bamboo.

The going starts to get tough here. Thin nylon rope is strung up in places where the slope is particularly steep or slippery. For the most part, the inclines are no less than 40 degrees, and any chance of catching our breath is slim as flats are short and few.

Not long after at the 2/3rds mark, there are series of boulders. The worst was over now and while the rest of the journey was not without its challenges, the mountain had finally relented.

There was no view at the peak and it is surrounded by tall skinny tress.