Raka Hill

Bukit Raka, a mountain in Bentong town with a height of only 579m above sea level, it may look easy but definitely not an easy mountain for beginner. To get here, “3.522721, 101.922783” or “Lorong Bentong Makmur 22” though the location of Lorong Bentong Makmur 22 is a little bit inaccurate, drive further up when you reach your destination until you see the hiking trail.

The climb for this mountain is can vary depending on what mountain you are used to climb too. For me, this mountain is like a combination of tiny part of the road toward Camp Lolo in Gunung Nuang, the rock climbing of Bukit Tabur and the steep elevation like Gunung Datuk. Before the transition toward the rock climbing part, there is a junction to watch out, although it is well mark

The overall hike took about 2-3 hours+ with 4km in distance up and down. If you are an experience hiker, this mountain should poses no issue to you. Nevertheless, the view up here is still very nice as you get to see the whole of Bentong Town with Genting Highland at the end when the sky is very clear.