Kiara Hill

The Bukit Kiara trails was mainly a rubber plantation many decades ago. Now that it is no longer in operation, it has been the primary green lung area near the heart of KL city.

There used to be some existing paths carved out by illegal rubber tappers, but now they are mainly used by mountain bikers and hikers.The trails of Bukit Kiara feels untamed, unmarked, and raw.

With mother nature making roughing it up during the hard rain seasons –plenty of erosion and heavy pours – it springs us a surprise once in a while with fallen trees and rocks, and sometimes the occasional glimpse of its monkey tenants – this place is a natural wonderland for all that enter.The trails here are not as systematically organized as the ones in other developed countries in terms of directional signage. The many trails are accessible to all, therefore it is easy to lose your way where the trails have no signage.

The Kiara Trails are located in between Taman Tun Dr. Ismail (TTDI) and Sri Hartamas. We suggest going to TTDI to start your ride as facilities like restaurants and parking are ample. Most locals will park at Taman Persekutuan Bukit Kiara which is located right opposite a primary school.

The entrance to the dirt wonderland lies right in the car park of the park. You’ll see wide off-road opening at the end of the small car park loop with a wide wooden bridge connecting into the trails. That is where your journey begins.You should start in the morning if you’re new to the trails, as the evening doesn’t give you much time if you lose your way.